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I feel great. 

Je me sens tellement in sync avec moi-même, c’est fou, I feel like i’m healing in a way that opens up soooo many doors, creativity and passion. 

I’m finally starting to experience what life is all about. 

And it’s definitely not about everything that I’ve been stressing, wondering and questioning about. It’s much deeper. 

Everyday is a new day to dig deeper. Connecting both ends from the mind to the heart. I’m, not there yet but if I keep digging in that tunnel, waking up everyday with the intention to create and dig into this path of abundance. 

I really don’t expect you to understand this journey of mine but if we’re sharing this journey, I want you to know that you’re not alone. 

The shift of 2020 is crazy, it’s exciting, never been so dedicated to a goal, a higher purpose, something waaaaay bigger than me. 

I can say that I’m finally starting to live in an exciting way. Detaching from the shore so I can swim in this ocean of possibilities. 

I was just sipping my coffee under the sun (again) It’s the third time this week I feel like I’m high on life. Those small meaningful moments that you take for yourself are not a waste of time at all. (That’s what I used to think…) “Ah I don’t have time for that, busy doing “stuff” “ ….

Now that I see the benefits of those small moments on your own, I could never go back. I need them to reconnect, to recharge and to dive deep so I can come back with a different perspective. 

I encourage you to take this moment. Wether it’s upon waking up or during the day, take a moment to STOP.  Do nothing. Let your thoughts come up and observe them. 

Yeah it’s easy to say but it’s a habit like any other habits. 

I started doing this thinking to myself; “wtf am I doing” 

Now I can’t go a day without taking this moment. 

Just this morning I got soooo many good ideas for my podcast, my other projets, how I want to help others and my role in this world. 

I want all my projets to have the common purpose of helping people feel good… feel great.

How could you come up with questions and answers like this if you don’t take the time ? 

All my best ideas came from these moments with myself.  It’s an infinite pool of possibilities and ideas. 

Just give yourself the tools to go there. 

The good news is you only need yourself. Nothing from the outside, nothing from anyone. 

You. Alone. 


Have a good day, sending love to all of you who’s been reading my journals. ❤️👋🏼


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